Residents Searching For Answers After No Mail Is Delivered For Months

One Papillion neighborhood hasn't received their mail for months, and they still have no answers as to why.

6 News reports that roughly twelve houses share a cluster mailbox that they depend on to send and receive bills, Christmas cards and even important medication in one resident's case. However, the mailboxes remain empty and no one at the post office can tell residents why.

Marty Liebentritt tells 6 News that, "This has been going on for three months." Three months with no mail and no explanation from the post office is too long for him and his wife Shayla.

Katie Gjoraas said it's been almost eight months for her mail. "They keep saying, 'We don't know, we don't know.' We've called consumer affairs and we aren't getting any responses."

All the residents want is an explanation and their mail. Neighbors told 6 News the mailman said they wouldn't deliver to the cluster mailbox because it wasn't in concrete.

Concrete padding was installed almost three weeks ago, but there's still no mail. "Nothing is happening," Liebentritt said.

The neighbors said that the mailman delivers to the last independent mailbox and turns around, ignoring the cluster mailbox. While in the neighborhood, 6 News observed the mail carrier doing just that.

When approached, the carrier said she didn't know and that it wasn't her usual route. Then she got in the car and turned around. "Shayla yesterday called the post office and held for an hour and 10 minutes. They knew the case after she gave them our name," Liebentritt said.

A 6 News reporter called the post office as well. A representative said they had no idea this was happening.

A voicemail from the post office to Shayla Liebentritt said differently. "From the post office. I'm calling because I have forwarded your question and statement to the Papillion branch to find out what's going on," the voice on the recording said.

The residents have no idea when they will start receiving mail again.

When 6 News reached out to the post office for a comment, a representative said they wanted more time before responding.


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