Police Confirm Four Additional Reports Of Abuse Leveled Against OPS Teacher

NewsRadio 1110 KFAB has gotten confirmation from the Omaha Police Department that four additional reports of sexual abuse have been filed against an OPS teacher. 

Last week, 30 year old Gregory Sedlacek was arrested after a fellow teacher observed Sedlacek engaged in an inappropriate act with a seven year old student at Fontenelle Elementary, where he was a first grade teacher. 

In his first court appearance on December 5th, prosecutors said Sedlacek had given detectives a list of girls with whom he said he had sexual contact, including children at Sacred Heart and Red Cloud Elementary in South Dakota. Through interviews with police, investigators have identified four additional girls at Fontenelle, three of them age six and one seven-year-old student, that say they were sexually assaulted by Sedlacek. 

Douglas County Prosecutor Brenda Beadle tells NewsRadio 1110 KFAB that they are continuing to work with Omaha Police to determine if they will level more charges against Sedlacek. "Until our office has an opportunity to sit down and go through those reports and brief with the Omaha Police, as well as corroborate any of those reports, we're not going to be filing any new charges yet. I anticipate that there will be more to come."

Beadle says police are still working on a combing over more evidence. "There's a lot of other things that the police are working on. Some electronic, computers, that kind of thing that could result in some more charges."  

Currently, Sedlacek is facing two counts of First Degree Sexual Assault on a Child. Meanwhile, the principal at Fontenelle Elementary, Eric Nelson, has been placed on administrative leave, but OPS officials have not given a reason as to why.


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