Former Officer Found Not Guilty Expected To Fight To Get His Job Back

Now that, former Omaha Police officer Scotty Payne has been declared Not Guilty of assault in the death of Zachary Bear Heels, now work begins on getting his job back.

An arbitration expert told 6 News that he believes Payne will likely be put back on the police force following the acquittal. 

First, the former officer has to choose to go through arbitration to get his job back. In Omaha, officers have the right to appeal discipline imposed by the city through the arbitration process.

The Omaha Police Officers Association president Anthony Conner said they plan to represent Payne if he chooses to go through the process. "We're glad Scotty was found not guilty today, and now the work starts to get his job restored."

Payne left the courthouse saying that he loves Omaha and being a cop.

"Arbitration. We will have an arbitrator, an independent arbitrator look at the facts and make a determination," Conner said.

Former criminology professor Sam Walker said often fired police officers have the edge in arbitration cases. In 2011, two Omaha police officers were fired for use of excessive force. A year later, they were able to be reinstated after an arbitrator in the case ordered the City of Omaha to restore jobs to both officers.

Payne could see a similar outcome, although he has not officially announced plans for an arbitration.


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