Kitten Rescued After Paws Were Frozen To A Sewer Grate

There is one lucky kitten snuggling up at the Nebraska Humane Society after being rescued Wednesday morning.

Nebraska Humane Society officials say animal control was called out to a midtown neighborhood for a stuck kitten. The black beauty's paws were frozen to a storm drain and she couldn’t move. With help from a neighbor, and some warm water, the animal control officer was able to melt the ice around the months-old kitten and get her into a warm vehicle.

At the shelter the kitty, dubbed Flurry, had such a low temperature, it didn't even register. Vets quickly got to work and Flurry is now expected to make a full recovery. If Flurry isn't claimed by an owner, she will become available for adoption.

You can read her whole story below.



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