FNB Loses $75K After Skimmers Found In ATM's

First National Bank officials say thieves put skimmers in three of their Omaha ATM's last week and are reporting $75,000 was taken from customers accounts.      

A card skimmer is a device attached to an ATM or other card reader that captures card information. Fraudsters can use that information to create new cards and withdraw money from accounts.   Bank spokesman Kevin Langin says they have notified all of the customers who were affected.

Because the investigation is continuing Langin says they aren't releasing the locations of the three ATM's. "We have reissued all of those cards so that they can avoid any potential fraud.  They will not be liable for any unauthorized activity on their accounts."

Langin has some advice for customers to try and avoid being a victim.  "When using your card be very conscious of how the card reacts.  "Is it hard to insert, is it hard to pull back out of the machine.  That's often a good sign to look for."


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