Omaha Teacher Arrested After Incident On Playground

 A first grade teacher at Fontenelle Elementary School in Omaha has been charged with the sexual assault of a first grade student.       

On Monday afternoon Omaha Police released more details about the case.  Sergeant Tracy Scherer says the incident that lead to Sedlacek's arrest occurred on the playground of the school on November 20 and was caught by the school's security cameras. 

She says school staff witnessed the incident on the video and reported to the Child Protective Services hotline. 

"What the video shows is inappropriate contact between a teacher and a student, which prompted us to then get the student in here as soon as possible and get an interview completed."  

Scherer says the female victim disclosed during that interview that a sexual assault took place with the teacher.  Scherer says based on interviews with Sedlacek and the girl, she expects there will be more victims and additional charges being filed.

Officials at Project Harmony also spoke at the news conference and advised parents and guardians to ask their children open-ended questions to seek more information to determine if their child has been abused.

"How they react to their child is going to make all the difference in how their child responds," said Colleen Roth, senior director of response services at Project Harmony. "Most of the time, children are not even aware that abuse has occurred."

Roth said abusers are trusted and well-known to kids and often "groom" them by giving them affection and disguising abuse as games, Roth said.

Project Harmony says statistics show one in ten children will be sexually abused before they turn 18. Roth says they have support staff available to help parents of Fontenelle school students and families of any child who has been abused.  They can be contacted at 402-595-1326.  


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