OPS Warns Parents That Buses May Be Delayed Monday Morning

Due to the potential for slick roads, OPS is reminding parents that student bus routes may be impacted. 

Bus routes may be running late so district officials are asking that parents ensure that students are dressed appropriately for the winter weather. Students may spend additional time en route based on traffic conditions. 

Officials are also reminding parents that if their child's bus has not arrived after fifteen minutes of scheduled pickup time, the student should return back to a sheltered location. If parents have questions about the status of their child’s bus, they can contact Student Transportation at 531-299-0140.

The district is also asking the community to be on the lockout for their students to help ensure they are not standing outside past the fifteen minute time frame. In the event a bus has not arrived within that fifteen minute window, they ask that you encourage students to return to a sheltered location.


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