Former Children's Hospital Director Being Investigated For Embezzlement

A former children's Hospital and Medical Center director is under investigation for allegedly embezzling millions of dollars from the hospital. 

Nebraska's Attorney General is asking the Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services Public Health Division to take disciplinary action against former pharmacy director Lisa Kwapniowski. Investigators say Kwapniowski embezzled more than $4 million from the hospital.

In a petition, Attorney General Doug Peterson outlines the case alleging that beginning in 2012, Kwapniowski falsified invoices to Children's Hospital for a made-up drug called "Broxcilam" -- and that those payments were forwarded to a company called "RxSYnergy," a company she created.

The document from the AG indicates Kwapniowski admitted to submitting claims and receiving compensation as follows:

  • 2012 – 6 invoices for $76k
  • 2013 – 17 invoices for $216k
  • 2014 – 28 invoices for $379k
  • 2015 – 41 invoices for $726k
  • 2016 – 52 invoices for $1.1m
  • 2017 – 50 invoices for $1.1m
  • 2018 – 37 invoices for $849k

According to the AG’s petition from 2012 until June 2018, when Kwapniowski was fired, Children's Hospital paid her company more than $4.43 million for what the state says were fraudulent invoices.

Children's Hospital and Medical Center tells 6 News that when administrators learned of this “unfortunate situation” in June, Lisa Kwapniowski "was immediately investigated, the employee was terminated and the issue was turned over to the proper authorities to further investigate.”


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