Bailey Boswell Pleads Not Guilty In Sydney Loofe Murder Case

The woman accused in the murder of 24 year old Sydney Loofe entered a plea of not guilty on Thursday.

Bailey Boswell, who was scheduled to appear in court on December 17, chose not to appear in person for her arraignment and instead submitted the written plea to the court. Boswell is charged with First Degree Murder and Disposal of Skeletal Remains in connection to the disappearance and murder of Loofe in 2017.

Boswell and Aubrey Trail are both accused of killing Loofe in November 2017. Trail is scheduled for a jury trial in Summer 2019.

The State of Nebraska will seek the death penalty for both Boswell and Trail due to the circumstances surrounding Loofe's death. Court documents state that the state will seek evidence of aggravating circumstances since the murder “manifested exceptional depravity by ordinary standards of morality and intelligence." Loofe's dismembered remains were found in garbage bags east of Clay Center on December 4th and 5th of 2017.

If found guilty, a panel would decide whether the death penalty is warranted in a separate hearing.


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