Authorities Describe Chaotic Scene During Fremont High School Lock Down

A fourteen year old Fremont boy is in some big trouble after police say he brought a bb gun to school Thursday afternoon.

Lieutenant Ed Watts says as officers responded to search for suspects social media began buzzing with rumors. "That compounds the confusion already at the scene and then we have parents showing up and bystanders showing up because they're hearing things and they want to get to the scene to find out what's going on."

Eventually, the fourteen year old and another teen were found walking away from the school.  Both boys were taken into custody, but the other teen was released.

Watts says the fourteen year old is still being held and will face charges. "He was charged with Terroristic Threats, which is a class 3-A felony, and he is currently in custody at the Northeast Nebraska Juvenile Detention Center in Madison, Nebraska."


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