Man Sentenced To Life For Killing Millard Man

A metro man whose DNA was found on a piece of Texas Toast at the scene of a murder has been sentenced to life in prison for shooting a roofing contractor to death.

Leandre Jennings was convicted of first-degree murder in early October.  In December 2016 Jennings and an unidentified person invaded Michael Brinkman's home near 180th and Q.   A witness said they were looking for money.

One police officer testified that Brinkman put up a fight and struggled with Jennings. Three shots were fired. One hit Brinkman in the chest, killing him.

Prosecutors say evidence left behind at the scene led them to Jennings. That included shell casings, a Santa Claus hat, some French fries and a piece of Texas Toast with a bite out of it.

They got Jennings's DNA from the toast.


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