Convicted Child Sex Offender Denied Bond

A victim's family had their pleas heard before a parole board on Monday when they asked the board to deny the parole of 48 year old Robert Robey.

Robey has been in prison for the last nine years for attempted sexual assault of a child and seven counts of possessing child pornography.

The victim, who was twelve at the time, spoke before the board at Omaha Corrections, as did her mother. "I was completely paralyzed. No idea where I was going in life. I was sick every day. I'm not here asking for your sympathy. I just want my voice to be heard," the victim said. "There's a time he will get out and be in the community with us. I'll be prepared for that. I'm just not prepared yet."

They did not believe the inmate was ready for freedom. "A child lost her innocence to a sexual predator, and she has had to serve time in her own personal hell. This child did not deserve her time served," the mother said.

The board denied Robey parole. His initial sentence was for 15 to 37 years in prison and he will go before a parole board again in the fall of 2019.


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