Arrests Made In Crash That Killed Elkhorn Student

A man has been arrested and charged in connection with the crash that killed 17-year-old George Gervase, an Elkhorn High School student.

29 year old Kevin Hart was arrested on Monday. He is charged with selling alcohol to minors resulting in injury or death.  He worked at a convenience store at 156th and Blondo.

Gervase died in October after police said he was going so fast on 192nd Street near Pacific that he lost control, crossed the median, and sheared off a wooden power pole and a medium sized pine tree. The high school junior was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Investigators say they noticed a strong odor of alcohol when they removed Gervase's body from the car and began looking into where he got it. 

The trail led them here to Elkhorn High School where security footage showed two vehicles pull alongside each other in an empty parking lot, just seven hours before the fatal crash.

The video shows a dark sedan matching Gervase's vehicle and a white pickup. Investigators talked with one of the teens who was there. She said the teens in the truck had a guy at a gas station who sold them alcohol and, in turn, the teens would sell the alcohol to other students.

Nebraska state law states someone who provides alcohol to a minor who then is injured or killed can be charged with a felony.  Omaha Police have been zeroing in on any text messages or social media posts among the teens selling and buying alcohol and following the evidence. 

That trail led them to Hart.  Two minors have also been arrested and charged with procuring alcohol. 


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