First Responders Receive Special Holiday Care Package

Firefighters who won't be home with their families for Thanksgiving received a special delivery on Tuesday. The special thank you involved 25 hams and two dozen fire stations.

Mary Rosenthal with the First Responders Foundation tells 6 News, this is the first time they've done a Thanksgiving delivery. "We do deliver lunches to first responders in June, both police and fire, but this is the first time that we've actually done hams to fire stations for a holiday."

She criss-crossed the city, hoping to brighten the day of those who put their lives on hold to help others. "These guys put their lives on the line for us all the time. And for them to be away from their families on a holiday when everybody else in Omaha is getting together to celebrate and be thankful for what they have, the few hours that we're going to spent and the few miles that we're going to drive is nothing in comparison to what they do."

The firefighters were extremely grateful. "We do work holidays and weekends and stuff like that, so it's nice to get that type of recognition with this ham from the First Responders Foundation," Captain Garret Wilwerding said.

(Photo courtesy of 6 News)


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