Man Arrested After Disturbance That Lead To School Lock Out

A man is behind bars after reportedly threatening a Lincoln elementary school employee with a gun. 

Lincoln Police say just before 8:00 Monday morning, 9-1-1 dispatchers received a report of a man with a gun threatening the employee, who was walking to Huntington Elementary School. The woman reported she walked past the man on her way to the school, he yelled at her, raised his hand and pointed something that looked like a gun. 

Over a dozen officers responded and learned that the man entered a nearby apartment complex. Police worked to identify and contact the suspect while additional officers helped escort students inside the school and to conduct a lock out. Just after 8:30, 44 year old Brian Elliott was taken into custody.

Elliott was arrested for the disturbance as well as for two warrants. Those warrants were for a previous disturbance and possession of a controlled substance. Elliott was not in possession of a gun when he was arrested.


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