Council Bluffs Man Arrested For Kidnapping; Assaulting Ex-Girlfriend

A Council Bluffs man is behind bars after allegedly holding his ex-girlfriend hostage in his home and sexually assaulting her. 

Council Bluffs Police say on the evening of November 16th, officers were sent to a Council Bluffs hospital to meet with a 32 year old woman reporting that she had been assaulted by a former boyfriend. The woman told officers that she had gone with her ex, 44 year old Michael Bland to his home on November 12th. she stated that shortly after arriving at his house, an argument took place and Bland assaulted her by strangling her to the point that she lost consciousness.  

She told officers that over the course of the following three days, Bland refused to let her leave his home, repeatedly assaulting her. The victim stated that she was able to escape from Bland’s home on November 16th after he became intoxicated to the point of passing out.  

As the woman was being picked up by a friend at a nearby park, Bland reportedly arrived and began another disturbance. The woman’s friend displayed a handgun at Bland and he backed off enough for them to leave the area. 

After all involved parties were interviewed by detectives, Bland was arrested for First Degree Kidnapping, Third Degree Sexual Abuse, Domestic Abuse and Violation of a Protective Order.


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