Nebraska State Patrol Looking For New Recruits To Round Out Their Ranks

The Nebraska State Patrol has a new game plan to help with under staffing. Currently the department has 438 troopers and a recent recruit class of fourteen is helping build back numbers.

Trooper Jeremiah Foster tells 6 News that they will also be offering two new incentives. “We are increasing starting pay through the academy and offering two academies per year instead of one as we done in past."

Trooper Foster anticipates more classes will produce more troopers. “In the past, we have had years in the past without training camps which has led to what we are having to help correct today."

Despite being short the authorized number of troopers, the department isn't slacking on the job. This year, troopers have made big drug bust on the roads. One traffic stop resulted in over 1,600 pounds of edible marijuana, THC wax and marijuana.

Foster says he doesn't think they are suffering from the understaffing. “Still out here every day doing our jobs and doing it the best we can.”

The patrol will have now have academies for recruits in January and June. 


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