Active Shooter Report At Bellevue University False Alarm

There were some tense moments Friday morning at Bellevue University.  The Muller Administrative Building was evacuated after a report of an active shooter.

Bellevue Police confirmed that there was no threat and that it was a false alarm.  "There was an automated alert put out about an active shooter on the second floor," says Captain Tom Dargy. Arriving officers found no evidence of a shooter and an extensive search of the building was conducted.

He says people inside the building were sheltering in place as officers arrived. Dozens of dozens of students and staff were evacuated during the search.  It appears an miscommunication about what to do in the event of an active shooter.

University officials say they prepared a message to go to desktop phones Thursday night that was a reminder that if there is ever a campus shooter, to call a specific phone number.  

Authorities believe that someone might have seen that message and called the number setting off the events that happened Friday. 


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