Abandoned Cars Starting To Surface At Lake Cunningham

Omaha firefighters raced to Lake Cunningham Thursday afternoon after getting a report of a car in the water near 96th and Highway 36.

After putting on their water rescue gear, firefighters waded out into the water and found no one inside the vehicle.  Captain Jason Bradley says while they were checking that vehicle they found the antenna of a second vehicle sticking out of the water.  

He says those abandoned vehicles are starting to come into view as efforts to drain the lake continue.   The City has closed the lake due to an infestation of zebra mussels.

"As the water levels go down, we may get more calls on this."  Bradley says the two they found on Thursday were marked with yellow caution tape, letting the public know they have already checked them.  But he encourages anyone who spots any other vehicles sticking out of the water in the future to call 911.

"There may not be a victim in the car, but we still need to come out and check it just in case there is."  Bradley says Thursday's call was a chance to practice their water rescue response.

"Thankfully there was nobody in there and it's a good opportunity for us to pull out all of the equipment, keeps us on our toes."   The lake should be fully drained in a few weeks.  


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