Nebraska Voting Machine Company Lending A Helping Hand In Florida

A Nebraska voting machine company is lending a helping hand in Florida's massive vote recount. Recounts were ordered for three major Florida elections after the votes were too close to call last week.

So, the Cornhusker State's own Election Systems and Software sent voting machines to help Florida finally wrap up their election. The company also sent 45 people to help support the recount, hoping the group of technicians and associates might bring some relief to the chaos.

Florida has until Thursday to recount the 8 million votes, although Florida Senator Bill Nelson has filed a lawsuit to extend that deadline.

The fifteen high speed scanners, 12 technicians and 33 support associates arrived in Florida on Monday.

Douglas County Election Commissioner Brian Kruse tells 6 News that in a recount, the procedures have to be conducted exactly as they would on election night. "It's probably a daunting task for them. In Douglas County what that would mean is up to two days of counting, and we'd have to bring in additional help."

While the votes in some counties have started to be counted by hand, Kruse said technology has proven to be more effective in the past. "We know that machines are much more accurate."

Election Systems and Software said that their help desk is running in full support mode until the recount's Thursday deadline.

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