Omaha Clothier Remembers His Friend Stan Lee

He may have created Iron Man's suit, but who created the suits for Stan Lee? An Omahan, that's who. The death of Marvel Comic's co-creator Stan Lee is is blow to David Parsow, owner of Parsow's Clothing in Omaha.   

Parsow tells NewsRadio 1110 KFAB that the two met in 2007 when Parsow custom made a suit for Lee. "He said, 'It's the only thing I've ever bought that my wife could not criticize me about.' He was always so friendly. He always remembered my name and shook my hand, and was so cordial. Really just such a great man."

The clothier and Lee met again about a dozen times over the past few years and the two became good friends, which meant the world to Parsow. He says Lee was not only a great man in life but a super hero for sharing stories that made a big impact on so many. 

Parsow says Lee's comics had a huge impact on his life, being a big fan of Lee's work since childhood. He says those stories are even more poignant now that Lee has died. "Of course back then, when I was eight or nine years old, they were emotional stories to a kid about loss and how we must move on."


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