Movie Poster: Child's Play (2019)

Child's Play Poster

The folks behind the revival of America's favorite killer doll, Child's Play, have released the first poster for the upcoming remake/reboot/re-imagining.  That's great.  That's cool.  I see the name of the doll has now been changed to Buddi, so there's a high tech element this time around.  Nice addition.  That's all great, but not what I want to talk about.

In what may go down as the best piece of guerrilla marketing in the history of cinema, Child's Play (2019) will be released the same day as Toy Story 4.  The juxtaposition of Disney's toys that come to life fantasy and Child's Play's toys that come to life nightmare is AMAZING!  I'm definitely here for it.

June 21, 2019.  Mark it down.  I am assuming that will play into future posters, trailers, TV ads.  Own it.  It's a great idea.  I'm insanely jealous that I've never thought of anything as brilliant in my own career.

The new version of Child's Play stars Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Rec) and Bryan Tyree Henry (Atlanta).

Child's Play (2019) and Toy Story 4 will be in theaters June 21, 2019.


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