Man Assaulted By Roommates After Injuring Dog

Three men have been cited by Lincoln Police after two roommates assaulted another for injuring one of their dogs.

Police say just after 8:00 Saturday night, officers responded to a disturbance at a home near 18th and J street. A 22 year old man reported to officers that when he came home, he found that his dog had been injured and the dog kennel and surrounding area was splattered with blood. 

The man reported his roommate was passed out on the couch and was the only person home when the dog was injured. The man and another roommate woke the sleeping roommate and asked what he did to the dog. The roommate reported he was having trouble getting the dog in the kennel and tried to force her into it. A struggle ensued between the intoxicated man and the dog. 

Officers observed that the dog had a limp and blood on her side. The intoxicated roommate had an injury to his hand where he was bit by the dog during the struggle. The two other roommates proceeded to assault the third roommate for harming the dog. 

The two men were both cited for Assault and the third roommate was cited for Animal Cruelty. The dog was taken to the emergency veterinarian for treatment by an animal control officer.


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