Five Students Reportedly Involved In Drug Deal At Metro High School

Five students were reportedly caught making a drug deal during lunch at Papillion-La Vista South High School last Thursday. Now school officials say all of them face consequences.

Papillion La Vista School District spokeswoman Annette Eyman said that two students were selling prescription medication to three others. Students and staff witnessed it all, and administration stopped the exchange immediately.

One mother, who asked to stay anonymous, tells 6 News that her daughter was one of the three who purchased the drugs Thursday. “She did come clean and tell me, ‘Mom, it was for an ADHD medication.'"

Though her daughter got in trouble, the mother is still concerned for the safety of students at school. "What else is being sold in our schools? What else is not being told to us as parents who are ultimately responsible to keep our children safe?” 

The mother is concerned that all parents in the district weren't notified of the situation, but Eyman said not all behavior at the school needs to be broadcast to parents. “We only communicate those situations where we’re greatly concerned about safety in a particular situation where we think parents need to know that the safety of their child may be jeopardized."

Eyman said the students face disciplinary action from the school whether it be through suspension or expulsion and that the students also face some sort of charges for the incident. “One student taking prescription drugs or selling prescription drugs at the school is one student too many, and we take it very seriously."

The mother 6 News spoke with said she understands her daughter did something wrong and something she wasn't supposed to. She said she has since spoken to her daughter about the dangers of taking medication that doesn't belong to her. “She made a bad choice, and again, she should face the consequences, obviously."

Eyman told 6 News the school has been very proactive throughout the year sending parents and students information about drug use along with vaping. “The biggest thing that we’re seeing is prescription drugs and vaping."

The school even conducted a Facebook live session to educate parents on how to detect whether students are using drugs.


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