Police Looking For Man Accused Of Stealing Ammo And Baiting Officers

Lincoln Police are asking the public for help in locating a man suspected of theft, taunting police and trying to bait officers. 

Authorities say just after 1:00 Tuesday morning, an officer was driving near 27th and Vine when a man in a grey Dodge Charger began waving at him. The driver slowed down and then sped up. The officer attempted to make a traffic stop but the driver sped away. The officer radioed for others to be aware that it appeared as though the driver was baiting him to stop the car. The same vehicle was spotted again and officers attempted to initiate a traffic stop but the driver fled.

Shortly after 2:00, officers responded to a belated report of a shoplifter at Walmart at 4700 N 27th Street involving the same man and vehicle. Employees reported a man entered the store around 12:30 AM and asked to purchase a gun. The man was told they couldn’t sell firearms until later in the morning. The man was belligerent towards the employee and made threats directed at the City County building. 

The man picked up several boxes of ammunition containing approximately 500 rounds and left the store without paying. He left in a newer style grey Dodge Charger that was parked directly in front of the exit. The car did not have a license place but it had in-Transits on the lower left corner of the rear window.

Just before 4:30, the same vehicle was spotted again near 40th and South Street. The driver stopped in the street, exited the vehicle, and taunted officers. At one point, the driver attempted to follow officers as if baiting them before the vehicle again sped away from officers.

Police are asking for the public’s assistance to identify the suspect. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Lincoln Police Department at 402-441-6000.


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