Contractor Sentenced After Cheating Customers Out Of Money

A contractor who cheated customers in four counties and two states has been sentenced for some of those crimes. Timothy Main promised to finish projects for a number of customers, took the money and never made good on his word.

Customer Faith Davis tells 6 News, "He took the money and then went and had a good time. It's not right."

Three of the customers, like Michelle Siders, paid Main a total of $70,000 only to receive little or no completed work. "There's just list after list of people, so when you have a problem you tray and resolve it. You don't just keep doing it, and he kept doing it."

Before sentencing, Main promised to make things right. "I can take my punishment, and once I get out I plan to try and get to these people that I owe," Main said.

He took away one homeowner's deck and left her without a home addition.

Now, there's no way to get out of one side of the house and Davis has a $40,000 loan to pay off. The 66-year-old has put retirement on hold.

"It's a lot of sleepless nights, figuring out the finances every day and how I'm going to pay it back and how I'm going to get the deck back on," Davis said.

Main received a sentence of three to five years in prison.

"He can't hurt anybody else. He can't make anyone else cry. He can't disrupt any more families," Siders said about the sentence.

The victims received justice, but little hope of getting money back on projects that will cost them double to complete. The prison term Main received on Monday will be added on to a four year sentence he received in Douglas County. He also faces similar theft by deception charges in Council Bluffs.


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