Physical Trainer Accused Of Sexual Assault

A 57 year old Omaha man is accused of sexually assaulting a woman several times over seven year. Police have arrested Douglas Anders for sexual assault and they are trying to determine if there might be more victims.

OPD's Sexual Assault Squad has been investigating an assault case brought forward by a woman earlier this year. She said that Anders had used deception to sexually assault her on several occasions.

Police say the deception included his profession as a physical trainer at his place of business, Metabolic Engineering and Recovery Center near 97th and Mockingbird Lane.

Detectives arrested Anders on November 2 and he was booked for First Degree Sexual Assault. Police are asking anyone who believes they might have been the victim of a crime committed by Anders to contact the Omaha Police Department's Child Victim Sexual Assault Unit at 402 444-5636.

KFAB News has received a statement from Anders.  He says the allegations against him are totally false.   "I was training this athlete for the Olympics and she worked for me part-time. I have already filed counter lawsuits against her and her parents for defamation and interference of business. She always had several professionals around her during her training. I have not seen or talked to her since April."


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