City Council Approves North Downtown Development Plan

A new metro development has gotten the green light from the Omaha City Council. The council unanimously approved the Builder's District plan Tuesday afternoon, but not everyone is happy about it.

With construction set to start soon on what will be Kiewit's worldwide headquarters, it's a bit of a tug-of-war between progress and history.

Julie Prescott Burgess says her printing business will be impacted by the plans for the Builder's District. "It feels like a land grab for those who live and work here." A map of the Builder's District, which will be tucked between T.D. Ameritrade Park and Creighton, shows a ball field where her business and home are now located at 17th and Cuming.

"It literally wipes my home and business off the map. We're not as big as Kiewit, but we've invested in the city and have been there for over 80 years," Burgess said. Developers caution the family that the map is only an early guide to the possibilities and that Creighton hasn't officially decided anything withing the boundary. 

The centerpiece for the development is the seven story Kiewit headquarter building. States are always courting prominent companies, and Kiewit is no different so city leaders are thankful the construction giant is staying in Omaha. The headquarters will go next to where Kiewit University stands now, a place where some 12,000 employees stop by every year for leadership training and innovation.

The developer expects more than $300 million to be pumped into the 12 block area, with office and living spaces being the draw. As for the property owner, the developer has a meeting scheduled next month to talk things through and possibly work out some sort of compromise.

(Photo courtesy of 6 News)


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