Man High On Hallucinogen Breaks Thousands Of Dollars Of Landscaping Lights

A Lincoln man is behind bars after breaking thousands of dollars worth of lights at the Department of Motor Vehicles. 

Lincoln Police say just after 2:00 Tuesday morning, 38 year old Nathan Hansen entered the Git & Split convenience store on West O Street. Hansen told the employee that he wanted to purchase a drink before he "went to jail". Hansen purchased a grape drink and said he was going to break the windows at a nearby bank. 

After Hansen left the store, the employee heard glass breaking a short time later and called the police. Officers responded and discovered Hansen had broken nine landscaping lights at the DMV located at 500 West O Street. The damage was estimated at $2,700. 

Hansen reported he was under the influence of acid and he also had a blood alcohol level of .109. He was arrested from Criminal Mischief and Trespassing.


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