Businesses Worried Bridge Construction Could Hurt Sales

A large-scale, long-term bridge construction project just started and it's already worrying business owners in the area. 

The City of Omaha is set to tear down the bridge at 26th and Q, with construction beginning on Monday, and the project could take a year to complete. That doesn't sit well with neighboring businesses.

Once detour signs were set up around the area, business owners like Karina Chavarria with Taqueria Tijuana tell 6 News the construction will cost them money like. "Because of the traffic, people are not going to want to come down to South Omaha, and just when the street was closed on 24th and Q we lost business. So, yeah, it's going to effect the sales for sure."

Ralph Barker owns the Odd Lot Store and he's been through previous construction projects in the area. Those cost him money, and he said this one will also hurt his bottom line. "Oh I'm sure it will. I'm sure it will, any time you take off that much, there's a lot of traffic in there, and it will force people to go the other way and a lot of people won't do it."

Despite complaints, repairs to the bridge are much needed. The structure was built in 1950 and has seen better days.

Chavarria's restaurant and other businesses are counting on their loyal customers to see them through the construction period.

(Photo courtesy of 6 News)


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