Nebraskans Caught In Middle Of Chaos In New York

new york cnn bomb scare

Two Nebraskans were in New York on Wednesday as threats of explosive devices surfaced.  Metropolitan Community College board members Ron Hug and Brad Ashby are in New York for a seminar and found themselves caught up in the mayhem as law enforcement filled the streets.

Hug told Mike McKnight with 6 News, "We're just going to kind of stay close to the hotel, you know, not knowing exactly what's going on and not knowing the city.  "Earlier on Times Square there were cops everywhere with assault weapons and fire trucks running up and down the street with sirens on. It was pretty chaotic."

Hug also said "We got about two or three emergency alerts to seek shelter. There was a bomb alert and since then everybody, all law enforcement, has kind of moved off of Times Square and they appear to have moved up here to West 58th Street and Broadway, the CNN building."


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