Four More Blackshirts Handed Out

Four more Nebraska defensemen have been awarded Blackshirt this week. 

Defensive coordinator Erik Chinander passed out the honorary jerseys to safety Tre Neal, cornerback Lamar Jackson and defensive linemen and brothers Carlos and Khalil Davis. The four earned their Blackshirts following Nebraska's first win this season. In total, twelve Blackshirts have been awarded this season. 

Chinander said they wanted to make sure all the starters got their Blackshirt, they were just waiting for the right time, which for these four came after Nebraska's 53-28 victory over Minnesota last Saturday.

One player declined his opportunity to don a Blackshirt though. Sophomore defensive end Ben Stille was also offered a Blackshirt, but turned it down because he believed he had not performed well enough in practice.

The eight other Blackshirts came following the Colorado and Troy games.


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