Former Anthony Garcia Lawyer Pleads No Contest In Child Abuse Case

A man who represented serial killer Anthony Garcia was in court again on Monday, this time to put in a plea on four misdemeanor charges linked to an injury his stepson suffered. 

In February, 43 year old Jeremy Jorgensen was accused of breaking his seven year old stepson's arm and Monday he pleaded no contest to two counts each of Child Neglect and Tampering with a Witness. Jorgensen faces one year in jail or probation for each count. 

In return for his plea, the felony charges Jorgensen initially faced were dropped down to misdemeanors. 

Prosecutors say on February 18th, Jorgensen and his wife Vicki were arguing at their home near 30th and Poppleton when the seven year old came into the room and threw a toy at Jeremy. Jeremy reportedly chased the boy, picking him up by his shirt collar. The boy described the incident to investigators saying that Jeremy got angry, grabbed him by the shirt, held him in the air and then dropped him on the stairs. The drop on the stairs is what resulted in the fracture to the boy's wrist. 

Vicki then reportedly came out of the house screaming that her husband had hurt her son, with Jeremy close on her heels saying that they couldn't take the boy to the emergency room. While on the way to an urgent car facility, Jeremy told his family he would go to prison or kill himself if they didn't get their stories straight. 

The Jorgensen's would tell staff at the urgent care center that the seven year old had fallen while playing. After the medical visit, prosecutors say Jeremy took his family out for burgers and ice cream.

Jorgensen has been suspended from practicing law after skipping court hearings for a client.  


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