Be Safe When Winterizing Vehicles

Many people are winterizing their vehicles and topping off the antifreeze levels.  The Nebraska Regional Poison Center reminds everyone to be extra careful with the fluid.  Public Education Coordinator and RN Jean Hammack says antifreeze is very dangerous if it is consumed.

Hammack says, "That often is a green color and that usually contains ethylene glycol which is highly toxic to the kidney and the lung.  Another the other one we get concerned about is windshield wiper solution.  That is often a blue color and contains a chemical called methanol which is highly toxic, primarily toxic to the retina in the eye."

Hammack sometimes people put the fluid smaller soft drink or sports drink bottles to save space.  It  looks very similar to those drinks.  Those colors and the sweet taste may be attractive to younger children.  Pets are also attracted to it because of the taste.

The Nebraska Regional Poison Center recommends keeping antifreeze and wiper fluid in the original container and store it in a locked cabinet.

Those with questions can call the Poison Center at 1-800-222-1222 and talk to a registered nurse or pharmacist 24/7/365.   


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