Omaha Mother Of Five Dies From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Police are investigating after an Omaha mom died from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning.

Authorities say 38 year old Katrina Diaz died Monday. Her boyfriend, 42 year old Manuel Fuertes Mondragon, was also in the house near 40th and Spencer when it happened. He was released from the hospital Thursday.

Katrina's brother, Daniel says the couple was heating the home with a generator after their power went out Sunday, causing the home to fill up with carbon monoxide.

Katrina's family says they don't understand why Katrina's boyfriend didn't have a carbon monoxide detector in the home. "He didn't have one. Not one in that home," said Jim Raven, Katrina's dad.

Fire officials say you should never have a generator operating inside a home. 

The family has started a fundraiser to help cover the cost of the funeral. You can donate by clicking here


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