MedPharm Iowa Unveils New Medical Marijuana Products

Iowa's first medical marijuana products are now ready to go on sale December 1st.  The products carry the brand name of Aliviar.   

MedPharm will operate two of dispensaries in Sioux City and Council Bluffs.   Stephen Wilson oversees the dispensary program and says they will have three products branded with the Aliviar name, a tincture liquid, capsules and rub-on creams. 

They each will have different mixes of C-B-D and T-H-C. "T-H-C and C-B-D work synergistically with each other, given that they kind of kick start each other to work that much better," according to Wilson. "One by itself is not going work as well  as when you get both of them in there."  

The products will feature four formulations called Calm, with a 20 to one C-D-B to T-H-C mix, Soothe, with a two to one C-D-B to T-H-C mix,  Harmony, with a one to one mix and Comfort, with a one-to-20 C-B-D to T-H-C mix.

Doctors have to certify a condition before the product can be used.  "Each product has its strengths and drawbacks and that's why we encourage patients to try several different products in order to find the right one that's going to relieve any symptoms that they are suffering from," Wilson says.  He says they will ask patients to keep notes as they use the products so they can adjust the type and dosage of the products.

The price ranges from $30 to $150.  "These are the four formulations we have now. We totally expect to have more as the program develops and as we are able to operate," Wilson says. 


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