Kangaroo Meat Causes A Stir At Nebraska School

An exotic meat is causing a stir after being put in the chili at a Nebraska school in the panhandle. 

Potter-Dix Public Schools Superintendent Mike Williams says kangaroo meat was mixed with the beef in chili served to students at their junior/senior high school.

In a letter to parents, Williams vowed that the meat would not be used in their schools again. He says that head cook Kevin Frei told him he'd mixed kangaroo meat in with the chili's beef on October 10th because it is lean and nutritious. How Frei obtained the kangaroo meat is unknown.

Williams says the kangaroo meat wasn't unhealthy or dangerous, but admitted that it was "without a doubt not a normal staple of our diet." The superintendent apologized for any worries the kangaroo meat may have caused.


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