Only Assessor Candidate On Cass County Ballot Has Already Resigned

With just a month until Election Day, there are campaign signs everywhere, but for one incumbent her name will only be on the ballot, not any campaign signs.

As a republican incumbent, unopposed on the ballot, Cass County Assessor Lori Huebner would be a shoe in. However, Huebner tells 6 News there's another reason why she's not campaigning. She has already resigned, effective next week. "I just decided to pursue other things and try to enjoy more time with my family. I've had to work a lot of extra hours on this job."

Any write-in candidate has to file by Oct. 26, but so far there have been no takers. If there's not a write-in candidate, the resigned assessor already has enough votes to be reelected judging by early voting at the election commissioner's office.

Voters who have already cast their ballots were a little shocked, with many having no clue that Huebner had resigned.

The Cass County Board Chairman asked the assessor what she'll do if reelected. "Just not accept," Huebner said simply.

Cass County Attorney Colin Palm says is she declines, that could make finding a new assessor a lengthy process. "If she doesn't show up to be sworn in, then they declare a vacancy. Then they have to decide, do they want to have a special election, or just appoint to fill the term?."

The office faces staffing issues, but won't be left without a leader. The county board appointed Chief Deputy Teresa Salinger as interim assessor until early January. That's when a new assessor will be sworn in. It just won't be who is expected.

"Just don't vote for me," Huebner said.

Though an unopposed incumbent declining victory is highly unusual, the Secretary of State said the same thing is also happening in a sheriff's election in western Nebraska.


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