Heartland Volunteers Lend A Hand In Wake Of Hurricane Michael

Hurricane devastation has touched numerous parts of the east coast and now, people from the Heartland are making the trip east to help affected communities pick up the pieces.

The scenes of destruction from Hurricane Michael are upsetting, the storm causing billions in damage and leaving millions of people with nothing left to call their own.

Jill Orton with the Red Cross tells 6 News that more than 120 friends and neighbors from Nebraska, Kansas and southwest Iowa went to help as volunteers. "We have residents in these shelters that we are now working through our case workers to find a recovery plan that works for them and their families."

Orton has spent the last eleven days in Fayetteville, North Carolina with about a dozen volunteers from Omaha, who've been trying to find homes for people who lost theirs. "We're working with our partners to find what is going to be either their intermediate or long-term housing, and that is truly the challenge here in North Carolina is there is a short-term housing shortage."

Those who remain in Omaha and the surrounding area can still send help in a different form. Volunteer Samantha Pollard tells WOWT that the affected areas could use blood donations. "Places are flooded. People are busy doing other things. Cleaning up of their homes, recovering from this. They had to cancel a lot of blood drives, so here in Nebraska and southwest Iowa we can help by donating blood. WE can all help the national blood supply by giving as often as we can. It's a great thing to do if you don't have money to donate."

The Red Cross can always use more volunteers. You can click here for more information or to complete a volunteer form.


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