Woman Arrested After Spitting Blood On Lincoln Officer

A man and woman were both arrested following a altercation at a Lincoln motel over the weekend. Lincoln Police say officers were called to the Baymont Inn and Suites near 11th and Belmont Avenue around 1 a.m. after getting a report a man and woman had been fighting in a room.

Officers knocked and 46 year old Zachariah Almond answered the door wearing a torn and bloody shirt. The officers saw an unresponsive woman down on the floor. 

They say 46 year old Merri Rederth was lying face down.  There was a broken lamp and furniture and alcohol containers tossed about.

Rederth's eyes were swollen shut and her mouth was bleeding. As officers tried to help her to her feet, Police say she began hitting and kicking them. She hit one officer in the chest and spat blood in a Sergeant's face.

Almond was arrested for Third Degree Domestic Assault and Disturbing the Peace.  Rederth was arrested on two counts of Assaulting an Officer and Assault With Bodily Fluid.


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