Mad Dash For Cash At Millard North

Millard North students have found a unique way of giving back to the community by raising money for the United Way of the Midlands.                                                                                                                    

On Thursday the students participated in a “flash” fundraiser students, where they were given one minute to compile as much cash as they could in their classroom.

Everything collected is being donated to the United Way of the Midlands 2018 campaign.  Spokesperson Brayton Hagge says these lightning quick fundraisers are great ways to introduce students to supporting the community.

"If students are so willing to engage in philanthropy today, imagine what they will be doing for our community 15-20 years down the road when they are in positions of power," Hagge says.  More than $1,400 dollars was raised on Thursday.  It was one of three "flash" fundraisers this week.

Last year Millard North students raised more than $3,800 for United Way during the three day dash for cash.



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