Lincoln House Explosion Ruled Murder-Suicide

Lincoln Police released new details Thursday morning about a house explosion that killed a man and woman in August, 2017. Police Chief Jeff Bleimeister says the explosion was a murder-suicide

Bleimeister says Jim Jasa purposely caused the explosion at 5601 South 78th Street to kill his wife, Jeanne Jasa.  She died a couple of weeks after the blast. Jim died from his injuries this spring.

He also said they alerted Jasa's family of the findings of their investigation, as well as neighbors in the area of 84th and Old Cheney.

Two homes were destroyed by the explosion and 34 others were damaged.   In late August, the children of a Jeanne Jasa accused the city of Lincoln, Lancaster County and gas utility Black Hills Energy of negligently causing Jeanne's death.

Amy Roche and Matt Jasa filed a more than $4 million tort claim in the blast that killed their mother. The family alleges Black Hills infrastructure and its safety devices failed, allowing gas to fill the home.


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