Code Violation Deadline Looms For Yale Park Landlord

The clock is ticking for the owner of the Yale Park Apartments. Last month, the city inspected the 100 apartments and shut them all down after they found thousands of code violations.

The city gave the owner a matter of months to get everything up to code.

Owner Kay Anderson says the city has given him impossible deadlines to get things cleaned up. He’s currently taking bids for roof repairs. Anderson has made progress but there’s still a lot to clean up. He says he has a lawyer who plans to meet with city officials.

One of the violation notices that Anderson received lists a deadline of November 29th to bring four units up to code. There are nearly 100 code violations on those four units alone. Another notice allows until November 2nd to bring six units up to code and there are dozens of violations listed.

The deadlines range from 30 days to 90 days from the time of inspection. Anderson says it’s an impossible deadline but people who live around the troubled apartment complex are tired of waiting for the cleanup.

Lois Cudjo told 6 News, “It puts a bad stigma on the neighborhood and it makes the neighborhood look bad. It definitely lowers the property value.”

The neighbors want something to happen soon. Anderson is hoping he can get more time to bring things up to code. City officials say they discovered more than 2,500 code violation in the 100 apartments that make up the Yale Park complex.

(Photo courtesy of 6 News)


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