OPS Security Guard Accused Of "Choke Hold" On Student

Omaha Public School officials say they have cut ties with a security guard who is accused of putting a 13 year old Monroe Middle School student in a "choke hold."

In a statement to NewsRadio 1110 KFAB, OPS officials say it has ended it's association with the security guard following a lunchroom incident on October 5.

"On Friday afternoon, two students became involved in a heated disagreement in the lunch room," a statement from the school principal said.  "A security guard separated the two students. One of the students alleged that during the separation, the security guard inappropriately restrained him."

The statement also said the school is  working with the student and family involved in the incident, as well as cooperating with the Omaha Police Department in their investigation of the incident.

According to a police report, the boy's mother said after the choke hold was applied her son had a tough time breathing and was told to "calm down" by school staff.             

District officials say some OPS security guards are contracted through outside organizations. "Following our preliminary investigation, we have made the decision not to have the security guard continue to work for Omaha Public Schools," a statement read. 


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