Sasse Says He Will Vote To Confirm Kavanaugh

Nebraska U.S. Senator Ben Sasse says he will be voting to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. issued the following statement Friday morning: 

“I’m voting for confirmation because of the evidence and Judge Kavanaugh’s qualifications. After spending more than 150 hours doing my homework, I completed my reading of the FBI’s seventh background investigation this morning. This broken and politicized process has further undermined public trust. Washington embarrassed itself for the last month, but it is clear that most Americans are yearning for more than tribal blood feuds.”

Sasse's announcement comes after Wednesday night's speech on the senate floor where he talked about the #MeToo movement and the debate over Kavanaugh's confirmation and the sexual assault allegations against him.  He revealed that he asked President Trump back in July to nominate a woman to the Supreme Court.  

Sasse is a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.


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