Creighton Named In College Hoops Payout Trial

A top college basketball recruit's father has testified in federal court that his son was offered money from multiple universities, including Creighton, to play for their schools.  

On Thursday, Brian Bowen Sr. testified in the New York City trial of aspiring sports agent Christian Dawkins and two other defendants. The three are facing charges in connection to reported secret payments to families of athletic recruits.  

Bowen Sr. testified that Dawkins told him he could get $50,000 if his son played at the University of Arizona, $150,000 to go to Oklahoma State or $100,000 to go to Creighton. Bowen said there was also interest from Oregon, but that he didn't remember if there was a cash offer from the Ducks.

Prosecutors allege that Brian Bowen Jr. ended up signing with Louisville after a deal was struck to pay his family $100,000. Bowen Jr. is now a professional basketball player in Australia.

Thursday night, Creighton Athletics released the following statement:

During testimony today in a federal court case, a claim was made that Creighton University allegedly offered money and a job in exchange for a prospective student-athlete's commitment to attend Creighton.

In 2017, when information regarding allegations of improper recruiting practices nationwide were first announced, Creighton conducted a thorough review of its men's basketball program. University officials take today's claim very seriously and will continue to work with the appropriate agencies as needed. To date, the Creighton University Athletics compliance office has not been contacted by the FBI or the NCAA.

Integrity is one of the guiding principles of Coach Greg McDermott's men's basketball program, and the University is committed to upholding those values.


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