Wrong Picture Used In Missing Persons Report

An Iowa teen was filing through her Facebook feed at school Wednesday morning, when she suddenly herself next to the word “missing”.

"I was scrolling through, and then I scrolled back up and said, 'Wait, that's my face,'” sixteen year old Ivy Anglen told 6 News.

Anglen is a teenager from southwest Iowa, the actual missing teen is Kaylee Nichelson, who is from central Iowa. Wednesday morning, a missing persons’ website pinned the two girls as one in the same.

"I'm getting phone calls, text messages, asking if my daughter is okay. They're not really looking at the name,” said Ivy Anglen’s mother, Denise Anglen. “They see my daughter's picture, so they think she's missing.”

‘Pl8Pic’ - a website that posts missing person alerts - listed Nichelson as missing, linked with a picture of Ivy Anglen. "How did they get her picture? And why?" said Denise Anglen.

Ivy says the picture was her cover photo on Facebook. The image on Pl8Picis the same photo, cropped to just show her. "You can't undue the Internet. It's been shared all over the place. I think the thing that we can do now is just tell people that I’m not missing. I'm obviously here,” said Ivy Anglen.

Denise won't stop until the picture vanishes. "I will fight to get that picture taken off. I'm not going to stop until I get through to those people. That's not fair. It's not their right. My child is a minor. She's not a runaway. She's not a bad kid. Not that those kids are bad kids, but she's not missing."

Representatives from the website did tell 6 News the picture came from social media. The site is changing its policy to only include pictures from law enforcement or reporting agencies. Pl8Pic says a couple of recent mistakes came from a "new helper" and ensure it won't happen again.


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