Three Lincoln Police Officers Injured While Attempting To Arrest Suspect

Three Lincoln Police officers are recovering after being assaulted by a man they were attempting to take into custody. Authorities say one officer sustained a head and back injury after the man aggressively resisted, assaulted the officers, and reached for his waistband. 

Just after 11:30 Wednesday night, officers responded to reports of a man drinking alcohol in the drive-thru at the McDonald’s on West O Street near Salt Creek. Officers spotted the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop near 9th and Rosa Parks for multiple traffic violations including no headlights and an improper turn. The driver, 35 year old Dennis Brewer, showed signs of impairment, was in violation of his parole and had a warrant out for his arrest. 

The officer asked Brewer to step out of the vehicle to conduct a DUI investigation, became uncooperative and tried to walk away from the officer. Brewer pulled his arms away from the officer and they began to struggle. A second officer arrived on scene and they continued to try and take Brewer into custody as they went to the ground.  

Brewer was given multiple commands to stop fighting and told he was under arrest but he continued to fight. The officers feared Brewer may be reaching for a weapon as the man reached his hand into his waistband as the officers struggled with him. While both officers were on Brewer's back, he was able to get to his knees and throw one officer over his head. The officer landed on his head and began to bleed. 

Another officer then arrived on scene and this struggle continued for about three minutes until they were able to handcuff Brewer. He then complained of chest pain and was transported to the hospital, but was cleared, with minor injuries, a short time later. 

Two officers suffered injuries to their knees, hands and elbows. The third officer sustained injuries to his head and back. 

Brewer was found to be in possession of three meth pipes, marijuana, 0.3 grams of suspected methamphetamine and open alcohol in his vehicle. He was arrested for Third Degree Assault on an Officer, felony Resist Arrest because of a prior conviction and Possession of a Controlled Substance. He was also cited for No Headlight After Dark, Improper Turn, No Insurance, Open Alcohol Container and Possession of Marijuana.


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