Bellevue West Student, Mom Receiving Death Threats

The mother of a Bellevue West student who was repeatedly punched and had her head slammed against the wall earlier this week says she and and her daughter are now receiving death threats.

Katie Wibbles told KFAB's Chris Baker on Thursday that she received a call from Bellevue Police saying the older sister of the girl who attacked her daughter made the threats.  "Basically said that she is going to find Aubreigh and smash her face in with a bat and then continue to do the same with me. She is not going to stop until we're both six feet under,"  Wibble says.

She says they were also threatened with gun violence. Police confirm to NewsRadio 1110 KFAB that they have investigated the threats and that the case has been sent to the Sarpy County attorney to determine if charged will be filed.                                                                                                                                    

Earlier this week 15 year old Aubreigh Burley was hospitalized after being assaulted at school.  Burley suffered a concussion during the altercation.

Wibbels says her daughter and the other two girls have had a history of problems relating to a boy, and that the assault didn't come from out of the blue. "There's been trouble with this individual and her sister. Since the beginning of the year, there's been multiple times that all three of them have been in to the dean's office regarding what's been going on at school." 

Bellevue Police have ticketed the 15 year old accused attacker for assault.


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