Woman Suffers Facial Injuries During Lincoln Purse Snatching

A Lincoln woman is recovering after being viciously attacked during a robbery Monday night. 

Lincoln Police say around 11:00, a 35 year old woman was transported to the hospital by her husband after being robbed. The victim reported that she walked from her apartment complex at 12th and Arapahoe to a nearby gas station. 

The victim said while on her walk, she was approached by two men and they asked for money. She declined and one of the men grabbed her purse. When the woman refused to let go, the man punched her in the mouth causing her to fall to the ground. The suspect then grabbed the victim’s wallet and ran. 

The woman tried to call for help but realized her phone was damaged when she fell to the ground during the attack. She was disorientated but was able to walk back to her home and get help. The victim suffered an abrasion to her forehead and broken teeth.

The investigation continues.


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